Sunday, September 25, 2016

John Denver Was Right When He Said "Rocky Mountain High"

We spent the next 2 days in Estus Park, Colorado and Rocky Mountain National Park. It is 415 square miles of wilderness with crests as high as 12,000 feet.   The air is thin and cool and crisp.  Photos nor words can describe the beauty of this place but here are some photos anyway.

Monday Blues and Truck Trouble

On Sunday we drove nearly all day, stopping only for gas  and to let Eugene out of the truck for a few minutes.  He's been great and has been very entertaining.  He likes to look out the window and growls at times..Lord only knows at what. He always looks at us to make sure everything is OK and he wants us to both be in the truck.  He doesn't like it when we are separated and becomes quite anxious.
We made it to Dodge City, Kansas and found a spot at Gunsmoke RV Park.  Later that night we saw the Milky Way..beautiful.
Monday morning we were back on the road but we were losing water somewhere.  The overflow container was requiring frequent refills and there was a wet spot under the truck every time we stopped.  Randy thought it may be the water pump so we stopped and bought one just in case ours went out somewhere in the boonies.
But the longer we drove the more he worried and the water was dripping faster so we stopped in a small town at a place called Kirby Auto Repair.  They were very friendly and got to work on it rather quickly.  Turned out it was the thermostat housing and the belt needed to be replaced.  So five hundred dollars and five hours later, we were back on the road.
We  drove on for a couple of hours but still have not made it to Colorado.  Maybe tomorrow.

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Louisiana and Arkansas September 16 & 17, 2016

We left home early on Friday morning and traveled through Louisiana and into Arkansas for a total of 403 miles the first day.  We stayed at Arkadelphia Campground and got an early start on Saturday.  Our destination was put into the GPS but somehow we ended up on a dirt road. Of course I told Randy the GPS had to be right so we hung on the road  but we're eventually  stopped by a locked gate. Getting out was more trouble than we expected and it took us 2 1/2 hours to find the way out.  Take my advice..if the road is dirt..say no.  We did see a snake and deer and a few birds.  The scenery was nice too and it would have been a great place to camping we have miles to make and have wasted time.

The rest of the day was spent driving  and we made it to Onapa RV Park near Checotah, Oklahoma.

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

We're Going On A Roadtrip

We've been planning a long road trip for some time.  But, life has been in the way over the last three years.  Finally, our opportunity has come.  And so, without a definite plan or itinerary, the ROADTRIP will begin.
Randy and I have done a few trips in the past, twice with a large 5th wheel and once in a BMW Z3. This time it will be alittle different.  In July of this year a decision was jointly made to downsize and we purchased a Runaway Camper.  Now, if you have never seen a Runaway, and you're not into all those creature comforts, you're in for a delightful surprise.

It measures a mear 4 X 8 interior with a 3 ft. tongue for a total of 11 ft.  It's big enough to sleep comfortably has a rack on the front for cooler or supplies.  We added a rack to the back for the chuck box and plan to add a rack to the top at some point for additional space.  It's like camping with a hardshell tent.  The Runaway Camper Store can be found in Ocala, Florida, if you are interested.  Make sure you tell them that I referred you. 

Most everything is packed and the plan is to get on the road sometime Thursday.  My daughter and her family will be staying at our house to care for the animals so no worries there.  Of course, Eugene will be going with us.  He is our little dog and the leader of this pack.
Anyway,  I hope you will follow along with us as we go and I hope we will see beautiful places in the most wonderful country in the world.  God Bless America.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Black Creek Trail, Mississippi 1/5/14

Wow, I didn't realize it had been so long since my last post.  That's really pitiful.  I have all kinds of excuses but won't bore you.
Since the trip to Arkansas we have not been out of state.  We have planned 2 trips but both had to be cancelled. We have been doing some local activities.

The trailhead is found near Janice Landing on Highway 29 and is north of Wiggins.  Even though the trail is this close to home I have only just recently started using it.  I really thought it was more primative and not as well kept as it actually is.  The biggest problem for this time of year is hunters as they have access to the trail as well.  So I waited until mid day in hopes the hunters and their dogs would be gone.  The only thing I saw was one poor lost dog and he ran from me.
The  temp reached near 70 degrees and was perfect.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Biking The Longleaf Trail September 17, 2011

Randy and I have decided to try and get a little healther so we've started walking and biking on a regular basis.  I've lost 12 pounds since we started and I feel  better physically and mentally.  Hopefully this good feeling will last.  Randy has lost about 8 pounds.  We try to walk at least 4 times a week and as soon as his new trike gets here we will be riding more frequently.  He's been riding a mountain bike and it's been pretty rough on his bottom.  I've had a trike for a couple of years but haven't been riding much because I don't want to ride alone....scared of dogs.
Yesterday we rode the Longleaf Trail from Jackson Road to Epiley Road and back, 15 miles.  It was tiring but fun.
We also met another recumbent rider along the way, the first one other than mine.