Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Back Home and Back To Work

Well, we are back home from our vacation at Dauphin Island, Alabama and sad to have it come to an end. We had a really nice time and 3 of the 4 kids and their families got to spend a little time with us. It's nice because we don't really get together as much as I would like. Everyone has there own thing to do and families to care for. I guess I am getting older and reminiscing a little but I think about the things we used to do when the kids were little and living at home. We did all kinds of things together and I guess I miss those days. I guess I just miss them. Anyway, it was nice to get to spend more than an hour or two with them.
On Monday it was back to work and the weather is hot as Hades and will be for at least another week. Should be 97 degrees today and no rain in sight. The plan for the coming weekend is to get the pool up and going. I wanted to get it done before vacation but that didn't happen so it is still sitting there waiting to be cleaned. I can't wait for that cool evening dip.

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GYMONR said...

Weze, you can borrow my kids for your next vacation if you want. Ha-ha. As for the pool mine is up and running…trust me there will be no cool dips in the evening….the pool water is HOT!!!
Big Al