Sunday, September 25, 2016

Monday Blues and Truck Trouble

On Sunday we drove nearly all day, stopping only for gas  and to let Eugene out of the truck for a few minutes.  He's been great and has been very entertaining.  He likes to look out the window and growls at times..Lord only knows at what. He always looks at us to make sure everything is OK and he wants us to both be in the truck.  He doesn't like it when we are separated and becomes quite anxious.
We made it to Dodge City, Kansas and found a spot at Gunsmoke RV Park.  Later that night we saw the Milky Way..beautiful.
Monday morning we were back on the road but we were losing water somewhere.  The overflow container was requiring frequent refills and there was a wet spot under the truck every time we stopped.  Randy thought it may be the water pump so we stopped and bought one just in case ours went out somewhere in the boonies.
But the longer we drove the more he worried and the water was dripping faster so we stopped in a small town at a place called Kirby Auto Repair.  They were very friendly and got to work on it rather quickly.  Turned out it was the thermostat housing and the belt needed to be replaced.  So five hundred dollars and five hours later, we were back on the road.
We  drove on for a couple of hours but still have not made it to Colorado.  Maybe tomorrow.

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