Monday, October 6, 2008

October 6,2008 Made it to Moab

We finally made it to Moab, Utah. We spent the day yesterday driving from Yellowstone to Vernal, Utah on some back country and winding roads. As we were leaving Yellowstone it began to snow in the high country which is where we were. We made it out without incident luckily. The Tetons were covered with clouds so I was a little disappointed but the Aspens were in their fall colors of yellow, cantaloupe and red and that made up for not seeing the Tetons. There was also several herds of elk along the road. The only moose we saw was a fake one in someones pasture. We thought it was real at first and slowed to take photos and realized it was a fake and then started laughing. The old man who put it there was probably sitting in the kitchen window and laughing said "We got another one Erlene..HEHEHE!!! Yep..We got anothern" We felt so silly but it did look real. By the time we got to Vernal, Utah, we were hungry and decided to stay for the night. We stayed in a small motel with a cute little man running the disk who just wanted to talk about my car. He was very sweet.
We arrived in Moab around noon today and got a cabin in the same camping area we stayed in last time we were here: Moab Valley RV Resort . It is located at 1773 N. Hwy 191 and their telephone number is (435)259-4469. It is gated and very clean and well kept, has a pool and playground, cabins, RV sites and tent sites.

We went up to Arches National Park after a short rest. You know us old folks got to rest. The park service was letting everyone in for free because they have been resurfacing the roads. It was sure nice to be back. Arches is just a great place. It is not only beautiful but is expansive and still very mystical for me.

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