Wednesday, October 15, 2008

October 7, 2008 Red Rocks

Moab is such a great place to visit. There is so much to do here. You can go biking, or skydiving, or ATV'ing. You can visit all the little shops or try a variety of foods from the many restaurants. There are tours and guided trips, jet boats, rafting or dinner cruises. I can't begin to cover all the things to do here. Today we visited Arches National Park. We were here 2 years ago and it is still just as beautiful now as it was then. There seemed to be a little more traffic in the park than last time but since it is October it is better than summer travel. For some reason the La Sal Mountains seemed a little closer than before but this time there was snow at the top and they had a purple hue. We heard on the news that it snowed 2 1/2 inches in Yellowstone so we are glad we left when we snow tires.

We also went to Dead Horse Point today. This is a place where wild horses were corralled on a high bluff, 2000 feet above the Colorado River, and were forgotten and left to thirst to death. Can you imagine being within site of water and not able to get to it. They all died there and it has been preserved as a state park.
We saw a coyote while we were there.

We also went on a dinner cruise up the Colorado River. Actually we had dinner first then boarded a jet boat and went up the river about an hour then on the way back down were given a light show on the canyon walls about the history of the region. It was especially nice when they turned off the light and had nice music playing and we just floated. The stars seemed so close. It was truly beautiful. No photos or videos of the boat ride.

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