Monday, April 20, 2009

Mississippi Wildlife Federation

A couple of weeks ago I submitted six photos to the Mississippi Wildlife Federation hoping to have at least one of them considered for publication in the Mississippi Outdoors Magazine. To my surprise they have selected four of them and may use them either in the magazine or one of their brochures. I am very pleased. Just knowing that my photography is good enough for publication is exciting and I can't wait to find out if they will be using them. It's nice to know that Mississippi will be looking at my work.
These are the four photos they are reviewing.

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GYMONR said...

Wow!! Weze you have done yourself proud, I love the photo’s…what kind of camera do you use? I have a Cannon digital 10 Meg. Another question was the second photo using a color filter or was that the real color? GREAT JOB!!! If you get in the magazine (I should say when) let us know.
Big Al