Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Great Weekend But Tiring

Am I getting too old to enjoy getting out for the weekend camping trip or am I just exhausted?? We took the camper up to Turkey Fork on Thursday to ensure a spot for the weekend and then on Friday packed our necessaries and left. A quick stop at the grocery store in Richton and the rest of the weekend was for recreation. It was nearing dark by the time we got set up and settled down.
For some reason I didn't sleep very well and was up at 3 AM, so I went outside to attempt a few night photos. It was very quiet except for a lone whiporwill. The moon was nearly full so there was plenty of light. The lake lay sparkling in front of me. Very peaceful. I shot a few pics and noticed something move in the dim light, a raccoon on his way to the very table I was sitting on. The animals in the park are somewhat used to people and raccoons have found an easy source of food. Campers frequently leave food items out on the table making it an irrisistable target. I wasn't sure what it was at first and was a bit startled. As it closed in the only thing I could think of was to shuffle my feet. The raccoon was probably more startled than I. He was gone with one quick thud into the weeds and did not return.
On Saturday we launched the boat and went for a leasurely ride around the lake, looking for something to photograph. The cranes and egrets we had encoutered the last time we were there were not to be found. Only one. I got several shots and suppose he was probably irritated by my following. He was simply trying to get a meal. When we got too close he would fly alittle further away only to be persued again. He was quite stunning and handsome.
There were also a couple of turtles and a snake.
Later that day my sister, brother in law, neice and her husband came to visit. We grilled and had a very nice time. My sister and brother in law spent the night and around midnight the ol'men went to sleep. My sister and I stayed up..talking and taking some night photos. It was really nice to spend time with her. She went to the night shift and I recently took a full time Monday-Friday position. She is also a photographer and we played til 2 AM. Thats probably why I was so tired by the time we got home on Sunday.
On Sunday morning my sister and I went for a little troll in the boat and got more photos. I think she really enjoyed it even if she was frightened by the idea of being in a boat with me driving.
We packed up and were back home by 1:30. Just in time for a very long and needed nap.

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GYMONR said...

Nice story…I rode my motorcycle to Turkey Fork a few weeks ago just to look around…looks like a nice place to camp. Keep up the good work.
Big Al