Sunday, October 4, 2009

Trip To Texas

October 04
The Trip To Texas September 27-30, 2009
I did go to Texas and spent 3 days there. The sad thing is that I had to work during the day and by the time I got off everything was closed or closing. My sister went with me for company and in the evening we drove around to see some of Dallas and the surrounding area. The most notable thing is how clean it was. I have seen a lot of cities but none as clean as this one. I suppose they have some pride in their home and want to show off. It was nice to see clean streets.

We stayed in the Hampton Inn in Addison, Texas. It was clean and they always had coffee made. On Monday evening we drove to downtown Dallas and found the place where Kennedy was shot and the Sixth Floor Museum. It was called the depository back then and is the building where Lee Harvey Oswald shot from. It sure doesn't look like it did in the sixties.

On Tuesday we went to a place called Circle Park. The center is a large sculpture surrounded by a circle street. The sculpture is a periwinkle color and is very odd. It has all sorts of words and numbers and bits and pieces of mechanical things all over it. You could look at it all day and keep finding something new. The surrounding area has small shops and cafes, residential buildings and a small park. It was a very tranquil place and I am jealous of those people who live there. We walked around and enjoyed the scenery and atmosphere.

We ate dinner in a place called Snuffies. The food was good and I have never seen so large an order of mushrooms. Afterwards, we went to the Addison Airport and watched planes land and take off and got a few photos.

The trip home was a long drive but interesting. There are some crazy things to be seen just off the interstate. In Shreveport, Louisiana, there is a pig standing on the roof of a building. In other parts of the state there is an airplane sitting next to the road, a giant inflated pig, The Bonnie & Clyde Ambush Museum, oil derricks, flags, old graveyards, and the weirdest of all was a closed up place that still had signs all over it. I think it was called Billy The Kid Outlaw Museum but had so many different messages it was a little confusing. There were signs about Ben Laden, Kennedy and Bonnie & Clyde. There were all sorts of oddities to see but mostly it was junked up and trashy but still interesting.

America is one great big interesting place and I never tire of seeing it.

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