Saturday, September 26, 2009

September 26, 2009 A New Adventure

Well, I'm off on another adventure. I am leaving for Dallas, Texas in the morning. I have to go on business but I am going to have fun as well. This trip, my sister, Duanne, is going with me. I was really surprised when she said she would go. We seldom get to spend any length of time with each other so this is going to be nice. I will have work during the day but the evenings will be for exploring.
I am especially looking forward to seeing the city at night. Several years ago, I drove through Dallas just after dark. It is spectacular. The buildings were lit in neon and it was truly beautiful. This time I won't be in such a rush and will be able to get a little closer.
I'm packed and the car is ready. The GPS is on hand and I am ready.

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