Friday, September 25, 2009

September 21, 2009

Monday was a lazy day, it rained again and most of the day. We managed to get the boat out for a float and got more photos. The only other camper in the park stopped by to ask if we caught any fish. He'd been trying but no luck. I suspect the rain had kept the fish from biting. Rain makes all the green greener. Colors of the Forest become dark and rich and there is a silence not noticed when the sun is bright. I love a slow rain and the stillness that comes with it. We had breakfast and had been sitting and talking for a little while when a tiny spotted fawn scampered by and disappeared into the weeds. I scanned the area but never saw the mother. I wondered why a baby so young would be alone. I can only assume she had sent the baby to a place where she could meet it later but I never saw her or the baby afterwards. I suppose I am still worried about what happened to the baby.

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