Thursday, September 17, 2009

September 17, 2009 NO GO

Well I hate to say it but we won't be going on our trip as planned this year. We were planning to leave next week but there were a few things that happened that cut into the funds. So we won't be going until the spring. I would only put it off for a couple of months but that would put the trip right in the middle of the winter and I think the Snow would be more than Randy could bear. He would definitely freak out so we will wait until April or May of 2010.
I suppose we will take a few shorter trips that are closer to home until then.
In the morning we are going to that old stand by, Turkey Fork and will be staying until Tuesday.
I hope to get lots of photos and video. Its getting kind of cool in the mornings so maybe some of the animals will be out and about.

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