Sunday, September 21, 2008

Anxious To Go

Our next trip is coming up and I am very excited. We are leaving on Thursday, September 25, for what I hope to be a great adventure. This will be the ultimate road trip for me. We are going by car and not taking the camper so alot of weeding out of supplies had to be done. The car is a small 2 seater sports car with very limited space and since the trip is 3 weeks long...well I suppose I will have to stop at a Laundromat along the way. I have planned and planned for this trip. The route has been mapped out to our destinations only using interstates when we have to. We want to experience the heart of America.

The first thing I did was order a luggage rack for the car, you know, the kind you can take off and store away for another trip., I ordered a waterproof cargo bag for the luggage rack. I have it partially packed and it looks like everything is going to fit in it except camera gear, a small cooler and a small tool box grill.

I had the car checked out at the dealer to make sure it is safe for a 4800 mile trip. They put a new belt on it and I have to take it back in the morning for a new ignition. This one has been giving me a little trouble and I would hate for it to stop working in BF. So I am getting a new one. I also took it and had the tires checked out and got a new one on the passenger rear. It had a leak and turned out to be a nail in the sidewall.

I am also trying to get wireless service turned on to my laptop so I can blog everyday.

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