Saturday, September 27, 2008

September 26,2008 Hello From Mount Ida, Arkansas

We finally got on the road at 2:30 this morning but by the time everything was packed I was too tired to drive. We got a nap, like most old folks do, and by sunrise were into northern Louisiana. The land there is flat and wide open. They grow cotton and sugar cane and the fields stretch for miles and there was a soft mist laying on the ground. As the sun came up and Randy napped I listened to the music on my Zune and clicked off the miles.
Our plan is to stay off of the interstates as much as possible. You just can't see the real America if you don't get onto the roads that are the heart of our country. So with that in mind, it will take alittle longer to get from point A to point B but that is really what this is all about. I want a closer look.
We stopped for a stretch and lunch in Prattsville, Arkansas. It is a very tiny town with some very nice people. We ate Pork BBQ and shared our picnic table with one of the ladies that worked in the restaurant. It was her birthday and a couple of the local people stopped to wish her well. She was very informative about places nearby for tourists, that's us, to visit. Lake Hamilton is very large and this weekend is hosting some big time boat races. Time trials are today. Of course, that got Randy's radar up and going so we thought we might check it out. As it turned out and to make a long story short, we got lost and missed the whole thing. That's about right. We finally decided to find a motel after driving for 14 hours. We made it here, Mount Ida, Arkansas. We got a clean room in a nice family operated motel right on Hwy 270 and there is a restaurant as well. It has a pool, free wifi, coffee pot, fridge, 2 rockers and a picnic table right outside the door.

I hope you will go to my Flickr page and check out the photos from the trip. They are listed under the dates or if you check under collections they are in a folder named Road Trip 2008. Here's the link.

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