Sunday, September 28, 2008

September 27, 2008 ToTo Is Alive And Well

Great news everyone! Toto is alive and well and living under an assumed name here in Kansas.

We have made it as far as Abilene, Kansas. I think this is actually just alittle place that popped up for motels, gas stations and restaurants for traffic on Interstate 70. We drove nearly 600 miles today through mostly plains. The plains are a tan color with gently rolling hills. I kept thinking how beautiful it must be in the wintertime when it snows.

Along the way Randy spotted an elk of all things with a full rack and then another nearby. I whipped the car around and went back for a look and sure enough...2 elk. Huge animals standing there looking at us like we were some kind of tourists. They were fenced. Is it legal to keep these animals? They had a very large enclosure with trees and a stream and what a site they were. I have never seen a elk in real life. Very majestic.

Later we came up on a cattle herd in the road with dust flying and men on horses and in trucks trying to round them up and get them across the road.

The speed limit on highway 77 is 65 mph so even though we are not on an interstate we are still making pretty good time. We got a room at the Days Inn in Junction City, Ks. but went right back to the office and got a refund. I would not advise anyone to stay there. It looked OK but looks can be deceiving. There seemed to bee alot of riffraff, as my Dad would have said, hanging around near the parking area and then there were many underage drunken teens cursing & hanging around the stairwell which was next to our room. The final kicker was when we opened the door to our room that cost $67.00, it was under construction. So, we got a refund and drove another 20 miles to Abilene. There is some big biker rally going on close by and the motel we ended up in is full of bikers...very nice people and we feel much safer here.

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