Thursday, September 25, 2008

Today Is The Day

Today is the day we are suppose to start our trip and we are going to go but the car is still in the shop. I have to go to Meridian, Ms. this morning to pick it up. The ignition repair has taken longer than expected as there was a delay in getting the parts so I am getting a free detail on the car as a consolation. I had taken off early from work yesterday to go get the car but thankfully the dealership let me know before I drove 100 miles up there that it was not ready. Instead, I took the time to get packed, clean camera equipment, check out computer operations and make sure batteries are all charged. I also had a chance to review my "to do" list and give directions to Michael, my stepson, on care of the animals and house while we are away. The route has been planned, banking is done and once I go to the pharmacy and pack the car, I will be ready.
It's here...finally.

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