Tuesday, January 13, 2009

January 13, 2009 Working On The House

We have been doing some remodeling so these pics are works in progress. This room is the old living room. It is not very large and since we have a large 20x20 room we added on several years ago, we are changing this into a foyer/ sitting area. We painted the ceiling white and the walls have a new textured surface with new paint. The hardwood floors still need some work.

We put this door in between the old room and the new one and will close the old door up. I really thought we would screw up this job but it really turned out . Making a hole in a wall were there wasn't one is a little scary but we did it in 2 days.

These 2 supervised the whole project. The white cat is Tweety and she was very tired after 2 long days of construction. The tabby is Tiger and she supervises the supervisor.
Today I am working on the new room. I have to get the junk out that has been collecting there and clean and arrange the room. My work is cut out for me today.

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GYMONR said...

Morning Weze, I just found your site...love it, it's nice to read about stuff around town. I live in the big city of Petal too.Keep up the good work.
Big Al