Saturday, January 3, 2009

October 30, 2008 Historic Biloxi Cemetery

On my 4Th day on the coast I visited the Historic Biloxi Cemetery. I love photographing in cemeteries because the memorials have such diversity in spiritual beliefs or none at all. Also known as The Old Biloxi Cemetery, it was established in 1934, but, headstones date back as far as 1811. Before 1811 it is believed to be a burial site as early as the early 1700's.

Due to the elevation the area was an excellent location for burials affording a little protection from the gulf waters.
No proof exists but legend has it that there were possible thousands of immigrants buried there between 1719-1721, a result of sickness and starvation. It is also possible there is a mass grave from the 1853 Yellow Fever epidemic.
The search for proof continues today.

Gulf Islands National Seashore was established in 1971 to protect the Mississippi, Alabama and Florida barrier islands. The reserve stretches 150 miles from Cat Island, Mississippi to Santa Rosa Island, Florida. Accessible by boat are forts, bayous, trails, wildlife sanctuaries with fishing, camping, birdwatching or a simple walk on the beach.

Close-up of a tree root.

Highway 15 to Highway 90 in Biloxi.

I am headed back to Hattiesburg in the morning. I have enjoyed my visit to the Mississippi Gulf Coast and hope to come back soon. There is so much more to see just not enough time.

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