Friday, January 2, 2009

October 28, 2008 Biloxi, Mississippi

Today I visited Shepard State Park. It is a small park located 3 miles west of Pascagoula and near the Pascagoula river. Legend says the Pascagoula Indians held hands and walked into the river rather than being taken captive by rival tribes. As they walked into the river they sang a death chant, giving the Pascagoula River it's nickname, " the Singing River".

According to Wikipedia, the lighthouse in Biloxi was built in Baltimore, Maryland and was shipped to Biloxi in 1848 and is one of two surviving lighthouses along the Mississippi Gulf Coast. There was at one time twelve. In August 2005 Hurricane Katrina sent a thirty foot storm surge destroying more than 90% of the structures there, but the lighthouse survived. A beacon in a storm, hope in the face of darkness.

Katrina also destroyed dozens of giant oaks. The city of Biloxi engaged award winning chainsaw artist, Dayton Scoggins, to sculpt a variety of marine animals from the remaining trunks. He did a super job, as they are truly gorgeous and an eye catcher. Mr. Scoggins was born in Greene County and lives in Sandersville, Mississippi.

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