Saturday, January 3, 2009

October 29, 2008 Gulfport, Mississippi

There was another great sunset in Gulfport today. Randy and I went back to the beach after his class, walked around and looked for shells.
The Port of Gulfport is rebuilding after its 2005 destruction. If you wait and watch you can see some pretty large ships coming and going.
Gulfport was incorporated in 1902, is a multi-cultural city and the second largest city in Mississippi. Gulfport hosts "The Worlds Largest Fishing Rodeo", annually since 1948. It was held at the Rice Pavilion which was taken by Katrina. The fish caught during the rodeo are put on display for thousands of visitors. There is a carnival and a huge fireworks show at the end of the rodeo, corresponding with July 4Th. I know the rodeo once attracted people from all over the country. Since Katrina, I'm sure the rodeo has changed. I haven't been since then but I know the fishing rodeo will continue year after year.
Gulfport once had a long list of historic homes stretching along nearly seven miles of white sandy beaches. Most of them are gone now. Rebuilding is taking place but from what I saw it's mostly commercial building like hotels, condos, things to get the tourists back. Casinos are rebuilding, as well. There are homes being rebuilt along the coast but the days of the grandiose antebellum homes is gone into history.

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