Sunday, September 12, 2010

Casper, Wyoming Sept. 12, 2010

Eastern Colorado is much the same as Kansas and Oklahoma, miles and miles of farmland. Lots of ranches have horses as, well. Trees are scarce so if you want alittle shade you’ll have to stay on the porch.
We were soon able to see the mountains in the distance and of all things, Randy pointed out Pikes Peak. It is very majestic and towers above the surrounding mountains. We are not going to see it yet though as we are trying to get to Glacier National Park in time to site see before it snows and closes the roads. We may, however, be to late already. I read on the internet last week their first snow happened in August. I understand it has snowed there in every month of the year.

Driving so for has not really been too bad at least not until we got to Denver. Sunday traffic was as bad a rush hour traffic and I was a nervous wreck. I was so releaved when we finally got out of the city and back into the country. The rest of the drive through Colorada was uneventful and we crossed into Wyoming with wind turbines on the hills to the right.

Wyoming is range land. Soft rolling hills as far as you can see. To the west are the rockies, Yellowstone and the Tetons but we are going north into Montana. We’ve never been there and we are looking forward to the wilderness of Glacier National Park.

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