Sunday, September 19, 2010

September 18th, 2010

We were so tired after our run from the snow yesterday that we were lazy and didn't get back on the road until after nine. It was cold too, and that kept us inside with warm coffee. So we got a late start and headed south through Wyoming. Hunting season has started here and the hunters were everywhere. Their game is Pronghorn Antelope. They graze, in groups, in the wide open fields and a lot of them are near the fences. Easy to kill. They just stand there and wait for the bullet. I kept thinking that the very ones that I am shooting with my camera are the ones they are killing. We saw several trucks and hunters pulled over on the side of the road, one hunter was actually cleaning the antelope right next to the road and his truck. I thought it was illegal to shoot them from the road. In such a vast landscape I'm sure the lawmen are few and far between.
We managed to drive a little over three hundred miles, not very good. We found an RV just off of I 25 and settled in. We were the only campers at this one.

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