Saturday, September 11, 2010

September 11, 2010

We didn't get started as early as we wanted but by the time we got moving and got the camper buttoned down it was 9:00. As we left Thunderbird State Park we counted at least 15 deer standing by the road and so many turkeys I couldn't count them. The park had a tornado blow through last May and most of the damage that was done is still there. It took out all the cabins and a whole marina full of boats. Most of the debris is still there, none of the camping sites were damaged. We finally got out on the road and as we drove through Oklahoma City, had our first yelling match. It was the traffic and the sudden turns that had us both on edge. He yelled and I yelled back, then he yelled again and, well, you know what I did. I yelled again. By that time we were already off route and had to direct our attention to the GPS, so, fight over. Oklahoma is a very large state and we were glad to see the Kansas sign. The wind was blowing a nice 19-20 mph so Randy really had his hands full for most of the day. There were also 2 serious accident along the way. One involved 2 trucks. It looked like one just pulled out in front of the other sending it flying into a field. The other accident involved an 18 wheeler and a small car, we think. It was so smashed you really couldn't tell what it was. It was just on the outskirts of a small town and there were large crouds of people, police and ambulances. The speed limit on and ordinary 2 lane country road is 70 mph so I'm sure they have lots of wrecks. Not far down the road from the first wreck we came upon a skunk trying to get out of the road. He had already been hit on his back end. I felt so bad for him and all I could do was hope that he had died. I wanted to go back and finish him off but..I wasn't driving. So I thought about that poor skunk for a long while. Oklahoma and Kansas are mostly farming states. As the miles click by all you see is mile after mile of rolling hills and fields of wheat and sunflowers.There are lots of deserted farmhouses and people are very spread out. Roads are long, straight and dirt. As we neard Colorado the land changed to a dry looking landscape with scrungy little plants here and there, still rolling hills and Prairie Dogs. Farmers out here poison them to keep down the population and where left unchecked are easily seen as their holes are a lighter color than the rest of the ground and too numerous to count. You can also see them out looking for food or just sitting there on their haunches. They are pretty cute. So we made it to Colorado today and have found an RV Park for the night. We are the only ones here and paid for the spot via honor box. In the morning we plan to start earlier and head north toward Glacier National Park. I've added video from a couple of places and a few photos. Photos weren't too good today. Somethings wrong with the lens. It is not focusing properly or it could be the operator. I will find out tomorrow after I change lens. I hope I haven't been too boring and that you enjoy the blog. Thanks for traveling with me on my journey.

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