Friday, September 10, 2010

Wow ! What A Day September 10, 2010

We had great intentions of getting started on vacation on the 9th, yesterday, but, after a very long evening of more preparations and putting out small fires, we decided to take a short nap before departure. We awakened at 2:30 this morning and were on the rode by 3:15. Somewhere near Vicksburg we started to notice a clicking sound. It really seamed more like a vibration but then became much louder. We stopped twice on the side on I 20 before we discovered a large ball of nylon string wrapped around the driveshaft. Once it was removed there were no more problems. I've got a few videos to add here but haven't taken them off of my droid yet and I am at this moment using it as a modem to write this blog. Hang on ... I will have them shortly along with a few pics and more details of the day.

The bug juice was kind of gross but the timelapse was from Jackson, Mississippi to Thunderbird State Park in Oklahoma. Our route went through the northern part of Louisiana the up into Arkansas over to Texarkana, on to Paris, Texas then north into Oklahoma. After you cross into Oklahoma the dirt turns a rusty red. Even the water in the lakes and rivers is the same color. I can only imagine washing clothes in this part of the country and trying to get those stains out. The bugs are pretty big but that started in Louisiana. You can see the remains of one ine the video above. Randy really had to scrape to get it off of the windshield.
So far we've had a nice time. He still won't let me drive.
Our first day ended in Thunderbird State Park. It's just a little south of Oklahoma City. We found our site and got the camper parked and fired up the grill. The next door lady is also the person who collects the fees. She works for a campsite "Workamper". She an older lady and has tons of lights hanging around her place. She has been here for some time and feeds the deer everyday. She collects cans for money to buy deer feed. It was pretty cool when she fed them. They came from everywhere.

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Du said...

Wow! Loved the time lapse photography, espesially the bug on windsheild....lovely.
The deer are amazing. They aren't timid when she's around.